This project has been a long time coming. I actually purchased the frames for this gallery wall last Black Friday and finally got around to putting the wall together. Whoops!


Initially I attempted to paint the frames with acrylic paint.
They are black plastic frames from Target and it was a nightmare to coat them with thin layers of acrylic paint. Next, I smartened up and sprayed each one with a nice coat of white primer… but that didn’t really help matters. So, I ended up spray painting them in bold primary colors (orange, red, yellow, purple and blue).


I love how they turned out! This just goes to show that you shouldn’t stop when your plan fails miserably the first time around. Lesson learned. :)
The frames all contain different pictures of my boys. And two of them have artwork that Aidan made at the library and school. I’ll switch it out as he brings home more creations. And the “N” is white for now, simply because I don’t know what color I want to paint it yet. Any ideas?
It’s hard to imagine that just a few months ago, this was Connor’s nursery. They’ve been doing well (for the most part) at sharing a room together. I’m so glad, because they desperately needed to have their own little playroom in our home! I’m not sure how much longer I could’ve gone on with all of their toys in our living rom!
So far this room has come together so nicely… I’m so pleased with it and so are the boys! This week I’m working on the finishing touches of the room and then I’ll finally be able to share it all with you! You might also like to see this beautiful waiting room
Have you any project fails lately that turned out for the better in the end?

Beautiful Fort Worth Dentist Office

A few days ago I met my friend in downtown Fort Worth to go shopping and run some errands. I wasn’t expecting for one of those errands to a trip to the dentist office to get a filling but that’s what it ended up being. Normally I wouldn’t blog such a thing but I was so impressed by how nicely decorated the offices were. I even took a few photos for inspiration for my upcoming design projects.


The etching on the glass windows and the marble reception desk area reminded me of more of a high end hotel than a dentist office in Fort Worth Texas lol. The staff at Doctor Ku’s dentist office were friendly and we were in and out of then in no time flat and I enjoyed the scenery and free wifi.

Check it out here



I love when I find something with good bones at the thrift shop. Recently while cruising the aisles of Goodwill I stumbled upon this ceramic gray lamp. It had a nice shape and was just the size I wanted for the sofa table in our living room.
In a few simple steps, and for NO cost, I was able to transform it from drab to fab! :)
Gray and with no shade.
 I started by simply covering the important bits with a leftover Target bag and packaging tape. This way no paint would get onto them and ruin the lamp.


After a few coats of leftover Valspar spray paint, it was looking like this! I also added the shade from the lamp in our master bedroom. I’ve been looking for a more colorful shade in that spot, so it was great that I was able to use the other shade for this project.


Looking good, but it’s missing something…
 After adding the shade, I was loving how the lamp looked. But, I felt it was missing something. I rummaged around in my craft supplies and found some yellow ribbon. I wrapped it around the top and bottom of the shade, adding drops of hot glue as I went. I am LOVING the final result! :)


This is one of the simplest projects I’ve ever done and it’s created such a big impact on our living room! I never realize how desperately we needed a table lamp until we had one.
Isn’t it great when you can remake something for nothing and it turns out exactly how you envisioned it? 
P.S. Be sure to stop over at my other blog, Huckleberry Love, and enter to win a $50 Target gift card. While you’re there, we’d love for you to link up to the first week of our new link party, Much Ado About Monday! :)


It’s time for a Spring printable! Hurrah!
I created this one for my Spring mantel. Since I love birds, this quote is naturally one of my favorites.


Mine printed off a bit more pink that I had created it. I think it’s my printers way of telling me to buy some more ink! :)



Just click and print the file above. I’ve love to know if you use this around your home in your Spring décor!




Happy Wednesday, friends. :)



Over the weekend, I finally squeezed in some time to spring-ify (yes, it’s a word!) our mantel. I am loving how light and bright it turned out. And the best part? I all ready had everything on hand, making it absolutely free! You may recognize a few items up there that were on my Valentine’s Mantel. Isn’t it nice when you are able to incorporate your favorite décor into every holiday?



Here’s my DIY Spring Pallet Art, sitting all pretty so that everyone can see it! Everytime I look at this piece it puts a big smile on my face.



This metal pitcher with the burlap label on it caught my eye at JoAnn’s {with a 40% off coupon, of course!} and somehow landed in my cart awhile back. Funny how those things happen, huh? I see many future uses for it, and right now it looks just lovely holding a bunch of happy, yellow flowers.


I’m a big fan of banners. I’m an even bigger fan when I can find cute ones at Target. I bought this one last year and it fits in perfectly with my color scheme. I’m smitten. :)


And there you have it! My light and bright Spring Mantel is complete! Have you decorated for Spring yet? How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It’s going to be in the 70s this week here in Houston and I can’t wait! :)


This is my 500th post! Can you believe it? It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been writing this blog for 4 1/2 years now. So much has happened since the beginning. I’m so glad that you have all stuck around through it all. Thank you! :)

Last year I stuck to a few resolutions, none of which had to do with our home. This year, I do want to add on some Home Goals to my resolutions I’ve all ready made. I’ve decided to hold myself accountable by sharing them with you. Hopefully this will force me to finish up a few things that I have been wanting need to do to get our house into shape!

Now, without further ado….

My Goals.

1. Master Bedroom/Bathroom- While this room has come leaps and bounds in the past few months, there’s still a long way to go until it’s finished. But progress is being made! :)

11-07-12 099 (2)

To Do:
*Finish painting/stencil our accent wall
*Find nightstands
*Beside lighting
*Paint bathroom walls and vanity
*New mirrors
*Organize closet (bins)

2. Craft Area- I’m so glad we were able to rearrange our room so that I’d have a craft area. Now I need to get on it and get this space ready for some major crafting! :)

To Do:
*Organize, organize, organize!!
*DIY storage

3. Playroom- This is a new space for us. We finally bit the bullet over the holidays and moved the boys into the same room. They’re currently sharing Aidan’s room and the nursery is being converted into a playroom. Can I get a hallelujiah for getting all of these toys out of my living room?

To Do:
*Create closet reading nook
*More toy storage (furniture and bins)
*Gallery wall
*Find rug

4. Living Room- Speak of the devil! This room has come leaps and bounds since we moved in. You can see its changes over the years here, here, here and here. We still have things to do and I’m excited to get moving on them!

4-23-12 010 (2)

To Do:
*Mount TV above fireplace (This has been on our to-do list for over 2 years. IT HAS TO GET DONE!!)
*Find end tables
*Gallery Wall

5. Breakfast Area- This space is looking better and better. New artwork on the walls, a lamp I got for a steal from the West Elm outlet and a soft, grey color on the walls. It only needs a few touches to be complete!

08-21-12 020

To Do:
*Add beadboard (This is another one that’s been on our list for a few years now!)
*Sew Curtains/blinds

6. Kitchen- One of the most used rooms in our house… it’s definitely one that needs some finishing touches. And a little bit of organizational help. ;)
To Do:
*Organize pantry
*New light fixture above sink
*Sew Curtains/blinds

Pretty lofty goals, huh? I don’t anticipate spending gobs of money on these goals. Really I just need to write out a game plan, save a little money, get off my butt and “git ‘er done!”. :)

Do you have any Home Goals this year? I’d love to hear them!


How cute are these little guys? I made them as part of the decor for a baby shower I’m co-hosting in a few weeks.


Head on over to Huckleberry Love for my instructions on how to make your own little airplanes. They’d make great party favors, ornaments or decorations for a special day!

01-03-13 211 - Copy


Last year I made a few resolutions. Some were kept, others were failures and a few were never even attempted. That’s life. Am I right?

With the new year comes new resolutions. And once again, I’m proclaiming them here for all to see. I think it also helps me to hold myself a bit accountable for what I’ve decided to resolve. :)

1. To become more organized. This has a sub-resolution as well… to become better at time management. With these two powers combined, I will become super Mom! (I wish!) But really, I feel that I wear too many hats, begin to feel overwhelmed and ultimately feel that many times my days have been wasted. I know that I can make better use of my time. And I know that I need to be more organized in order for that to happen.

2. No more pop. For real. I mean it. I probably say this about 5 times a year and then I fail. Miserably. It’s been 3 days since my last Pepsi and so far, so good! My friend, Jill, has the same goal and shared an awesome app, the Streak App, that has helped her stay motivated to say no to soda. I’ve downloaded it on my phone to help me stay on track with this goal.

3. Lose this weight and keep it off this time! Last year, I lost 25 pounds, then gained all but 5 of them back. I know that I can do it, I just need to put a bit more effort in. I want to be healthy for myself and my family, I want to fit in my clothes better and I want to feel good about myself. I can do it. I know I can. :)

Now, while many bloggers are choosing their “word for the year”, I’ve decided to do my own little spin and have chosen a “phrase of the year” in which to live my days by. Honestly, it’s because there are SO MANY words I could use as my mantra for 2013. This helps me broaden the spectrum and still be true to what I want this year to mean for my life.

“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”~ L.M. Montgomery

These words are spoken by the immortal Anne Shirley, the character Ms. Montgomery is so widely known for. A favorite character of my youth, she has grown into a wonderful inspiration in my adult life. And this passage is one that I’ve chosen to reflect on this year. Just repeat it. Let it sink in and float around in your head for awhile.

Isn’t it a bit of a relief? It gives you hope, yes? Just think. There is always tomorrow. It’s always new. Clean. Ready for the taking. What wondrous adventures lie ahead? Your tomorrow is what you make of it. But, to me, this also means, that today is still here. Even though mistakes may have been made, tempers may have risen, patience may have become a lost virtue, you can still enjoy today. Especially knowing that you can try again tomorrow. To be that person who you wish to be. To become what you are destined to become. Whether it be a better mother, a more patient wife, or a compassionate human being.

It is possible. Because there is always tomorrow. :)

Have you made any resolutions? Did you choose a word to live by in 2013?


Hello friends. It’s been awhile, huh?

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? Our  little family certainly did. We took almost a week off, disconnected from the outside world and reconnected with our family at a beachfront home in Florida for the holiday. It was awesome. (More about our trip tomorrow!)

I feel like I’ve been so incredibly busy. The holidays tend to turn us into mad women, rushing around decorating, gift buying and just trying to get it all done. Am I right?

This year, I decided to add to the chaos and I joined in on the Handmade Gift Exchange that Linda atCraftaholics Anonymous hosts twice a year. And I’m so glad I did!

How does it work? Well, you sign up and then get paired up with another crafty gal. You two chat a bit, discover what the other one likes and then you create a personal, handmade gift for your craft exchange buddy.

Here’s what I made for my buddy this time around.

11-29-12 427

In case you can’t tell, it’s a Christmas-themed, monogram wreath to display on her front door, or anywhere  else in her home. Do you like it?

11-29-12 430

I love the little leaves, berries and bells cluster that I added. Such a fun touch! :)

11-29-12 426



 To make your own you’ll need:
* Yarn
* Hot glue gun
* Any little extra accessories you’d like to add
* Time and PATIENCE!These wreaths definitely take time to come out  right… and you need patience to get the yarn to stay just right on the ends of the letters. But, it’s definitely worth it for the final product! :)I mailed this out a few days ago, so it should be arriving soon. I’m so excited to see what my buddy made for me! :)I guess I should also add, that I will be opening my own Etsy Shop this January!! It’s been in the works for about 3 months now and I’m super excited to share my craft with you. I’ll be selling yarn wreaths, yarn monograms and monogram yarn wreaths (like the one above). I’ll be sure to share more info as my opening gets closer! :)

Have you ever participated in a Craft Exchange? Interested in signing up for one? Linda hosts one twice a year. Be sure to sign up for her next one! :)