How to Find Someone’s Criminal Record for Free in 3 Ridiculously Simple Steps


Finding someone’s criminal record could be one of the most important things you ever do. It could be something that protects your family. It could be the extra step that warns you about the criminal background of your new date.

Whatever the situation may be, finding someone’s criminal record is undoubtedly important. It’s also probably not as hard as you think. Today, we’re outlining a few simple steps you can take to find someone’s criminal record for free.Criminal Background Check

Step 1) Gather their Information

At the very least, you’re going to need someone’s name and date of birth before you search their criminal record. Make sure you have that before you proceed.

The more personally-identifiable information you have about the person or their suspected criminal history, the better. It will make the search easier and expedite the entire process.

One of the most important things to find (aside from name and date of birth) is where the crime – or suspected crime – was committed. The criminal records will be held in the courthouse for that jurisdiction – where it’s a local county courthouse, state courthouse, or federal courthouse.

Got their information? Good. Now proceed to the next step.

Step 2) Find the Courthouse

Courthouses are easy to find. Google is your friend with this step. People have to visit courthouses all the time – like to pay speeding tickets or show up to court for other reasons. These courthouses keep a record of all cases that were tried at the courthouse – and that’s what you’re trying to find.

Get a list of courthouses and their contact information. If you know the specific courthouse where the individual was tried, then great! You can move onto the next step. If you don’t know, then consider getting the contact information of a few different courthouses in surrounding counties or states.

Step 3) Contact the Clerk of Courts or Visit the Courthouse

Your next job is to contact the clerk of courts. That individual will help you find someone’s arrest record.

This is where the personal information you gathered in step one comes in handy. The more information you provide, the easier it should be to find the individual’s arrest record.

Now, certain courthouses may require you to pay a fee to access this information. Laws also vary between states – so accessing information in some states may be more difficult than others. It always helps to have someone’s permission before you check their criminal record. Good luck!