This project has been a long time coming. I actually purchased the frames for this gallery wall last Black Friday and finally got around to putting the wall together. Whoops!


Initially I attempted to paint the frames with acrylic paint.
They are black plastic frames from Target and it was a nightmare to coat them with thin layers of acrylic paint. Next, I smartened up and sprayed each one with a nice coat of white primer… but that didn’t really help matters. So, I ended up spray painting them in bold primary colors (orange, red, yellow, purple and blue).


I love how they turned out! This just goes to show that you shouldn’t stop when your plan fails miserably the first time around. Lesson learned. 🙂
The frames all contain different pictures of my boys. And two of them have artwork that Aidan made at the library and school. I’ll switch it out as he brings home more creations. And the “N” is white for now, simply because I don’t know what color I want to paint it yet. Any ideas?
It’s hard to imagine that just a few months ago, this was Connor’s nursery. They’ve been doing well (for the most part) at sharing a room together. I’m so glad, because they desperately needed to have their own little playroom in our home! I’m not sure how much longer I could’ve gone on with all of their toys in our living rom!
So far this room has come together so nicely… I’m so pleased with it and so are the boys! This week I’m working on the finishing touches of the room and then I’ll finally be able to share it all with you! You might also like to see this beautiful waiting room
Have you any project fails lately that turned out for the better in the end?